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Secure eCommerce SSL Server Services

The Internet is inherently an open environment and is open to misuse. The Internet operates by sending packets of data to a destination server via a network of servers. At any point along the transmission route, it is theoretically possible to intercept this information which can be subsequently analysed and possibly misused.

Although the massive volume of information and the large number of nodes within the Internet could be considered a deterrent in itself, it is not sufficient protection against a very determined hacker.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology provides security by adding another significant obstacle by encrypting the information which is transmitted from the viewers terminal to the destination server.

From a technical point of view, a unique key pair is generated for encrypting traffic between the two computers whenever an SSL connection is established. Either key is then capable of decrypting any data encrypted by the other, but the keys are not capable of decrypting anything generated by themselves. There are only a few appointed providers of encryption keys and certificates worldwide and certificates are only issued to established trading organisations to preserve the integrity of the encryption keys. The purpose of the certificate is to assure the viewer they are communicating with a legitimate organisation duly authorised to receive the encrypted information.

Fortunately, the whole process is automatic and appears seamless to the user. As complicated as it sounds, the browser simply displays the status of secure transmissions by the use of a key or padlock icon along with the possibility of alert boxes depending on the browser settings. These icons are designed to offer the user the peace of mind to continue their secure online experience.

As the Internet becomes even more of an accepted medium for ordering goods online, Scorpion Research Network Services is able to help eCommerce Clients realise their strategy of establishing a secure eCommerce site on the Internet to process secure eCommerce transactions. There are a number of different options with varying differences in cost and complexity:

  • Managed Secure Sites

    This is the most practical starting option and requires no technical knowledge on the part of the eCommerce Client. Scorpion Research will host and manage the secure transaction system. Any secure encrypted message that is received will be privately decrypted by Scorpion Research and only sent to the eCommerce Client by Fax to a previously agreed Fax number. At no time will Scorpion Research send the information via the Internet or regular Mail in order to prevent unauthorised interception which would otherwise defeat the purpose of secure encrypted eCommerce transmissions. This method involves a setup fee as well as an annual maintenance fee. The annual maintenance fee includes transmission of the first 10 messages per month with an additional charge for each message thereafter.

  • Hosted Secure Sites

    For eCommerce Clients with the necessary technical knowledge, a more economical option exists where Scorpion Research will host only the secure portion of the transaction system on their behalf. Any secure encrypted message that is received will be sent to the eCommerce Client in an encrypted format to be decrypted by the eCommerce Client privately. Scorpion Research will assist the eCommerce Client in establishing acceptable secure key pairs for the encryption and decryption process as well as recommending software for this purpose based on their existing hardware platform. This method involves a setup fee as well as an annual maintenance fee for establishing and maintaining both the secure key pair as well as the secure hosted space. It is important to note that since this method involves using the Scorpion Research secure server facilities, the relevant portions of the hosted secure server space will have to be maintained by Scorpion Research. Regular hosted space can be maintained by the eCommerce Client directly or by Scorpion Research separately.

  • Independent Secure Sites

    Scorpion Research can arrange to host the secure hosted site where all aspects of the security are maintained by the eCommerce Client directly. Scorpion Research will assist in procuring the necessary registration key certificates on behalf of the eCommerce Client. Full exclusive access to the secure server space under that key registration will be granted for maintenance by the eCommerce Client directly. It will be the responsibility of the eCommerce Client to maintain their security registration certificates under the terms of the issuer. This method involves a setup fee for establishing the secure site including offering the required assistance in procuring the security key certificates. An annual maintenance fee also applies for maintaining the secure hosted space.

Whichever method you choose to adopt, Scorpion Research will be pleased to discuss your individual requirements and recommend the most suitable method for your purposes.

Even if you do not have an immediate need for a web site, it is wise to register your Domain Name immediately to ensure that it is available to you when you eventually choose to implement a more fuller Internet strategy.

If you are interested in using our Secure Web Hosting services please contact Scorpion Research who can advise you how to proceed within your organisational and budgeting requirements.

Please note that all Scorpion Research Network Services are subject to your acceptance of the Services Terms & Conditions and the Network Services Acceptable Use Policy.

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