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Domain Name Services

Most Domain Names in the UK take the format of or although we can gladly arrange to register your Domain Name in almost every internationally recognised internet domain region on your behalf to protect your rights at an international level.

Even if you do not have an immediate need for Web Hosting services or your own web site, it is wise to register your Domain Name immediately to ensure that it is available to you when you eventually choose to implement a more fuller Internet strategy.

We can arrange to park your Domain Name on our servers without any web site or eMail purpose to simply reserve the name preventing it from being registered by somebody else.

If you are interested in registering a Domain Name please contact Scorpion Research who can advise you how to proceed within your organisational and budgeting requirements.

Please note that all Scorpion Research Network Services are subject to your acceptance of the Services Terms & Conditions and the Network Services Acceptable Use Policy.

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