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Hardware Review

Scorpion Research has actively assisted clients in specifying their hardware requirements to maximise return on investment through careful analysis of client requirements. By analysing client requirements both for the short and longer terms, Scorpion Research draws upon its hardware engineering skills base to determine the most cost effective solution available.

Where possible, standard hardware from leading and reputable manufacturers is recommended to take advantage of established quality levels as well as longer term availability of parts and support directly from the manufacturer.

In certain instances, bespoke design is essential to achieve the client requirements. Scorpion Research has an established skills base to draw upon in order to design and implement a specific solution.

Successful projects require meticulous planning and project management. Scorpion Research can assist in providing project management services as independent third party consultants to existing projects ensuring unbiased recommendations are offered. To ascertain suitability of third party proposals to your requirements, Contract Review Services can be provided at a reasonable cost avoiding expensive mistakes.

Impartiality is essential for credible recommendations. Scorpion Research is not tied to any manufacturer or brand. To quote a past pioneer, "If the only tool you possess is a hammer, every problem is made to look like a nail". By ensuring the range of tools is unrestricted, the requirements can be correctly determined.

Selecting and implementing the most appropriate hardware strategy requires a thorough understanding of your requirements. If you are interested in a selection and implementation assessment for your organisation please contact Scorpion Research who can assist in evaluating your requirements. We can provide services ranging from basic assessments to full implementation projects specially tailored to meet your organisational and budgeting requirements.

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