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Contract Review Services

Progress demands that organisations expand and improve. Many seek ambitious projects particularly in IT related fields to help enhance their corporate performance. Sadly, the industry press has much to report on high profile contract project failures.

Whether any project is modest in size or larger than any previous contract project, certain factors consistently influence the outcome. By attempting to identify these factors and take preventative action, Scorpion Research is in a position to offer recommendations that help eliminate these sources of failure.

Impartiality is essential for credible recommendations. The process starts with careful analysis of the desired contract project deliverables and comparing supplier proposals to filter out those which do not meet the client objectives.

Implementation plans are then reviewed to ensure sufficient thought and planning has been taken to manage the contract project during its implementation phase. Resource levels, skills base, timing schedules, third party reliance, etc, are evaluated against established industry standards to ascertain feasibility of the implementation plan

Further reviews take place during implementation to ascertain variance levels from planned progress levels as part of a continued monitoring process. Timely Corrective action is recommended where variances are detected. These are expected to be early enough to avoid unexpected project overrun.

Selecting and implementing the most appropriate overall strategy requires a thorough understanding of your requirements. If you are interested in a Contract Review assessment for your organisation please contact Scorpion Research who can assist in evaluating your requirements. We can provide services ranging from basic assessments to full reviews specially tailored to meet your organisational and budgeting requirements.

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