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Scorpion Research was founded on the principle that every client, large or small, deserves the highest possible level of service at all times. With our clients spread over more than 50 different countries, our compliance with the ISO 9001 quality standard further affirms our commitment to offering the very best in product and service. But rather than take our word for it, why not hear what our clients have to say about it? The following represents a selection of unsolicited comments:

"You get 1000 points for your customer service. I have used the program for years and have recommended it to many. You now have me completely onboard and will recommend your program to all my manufacturing friends. I appreciate your prompt response and your excellent customer service." - MM, Hong Kong

"You are the best "tech support" I have ever encountered anywhere!!!" - MJ, United States

"In a time when most technoids are wrapped up in their own self worth and ego, you bring back to life, business values that are aimed at making your customers happy and satisfied." - JK, United States

"Thank you for your conscientious efforts on my behalf! Such excellent customer service and professional courtesy are uncommon these days, and so even more appreciated. You certainly made an excellent first impression for Scorpion Research." - JW, United States

"Superb piece of software indeed. Thank you." - PB, England

"I really appreciate this excellent service." - VJ, Germany

"fyi yours was the nicest bit of customer service I have had all year! - complete - helpful - friendly - fast" - NJ, New Zealand

"Yours seems to be the quickest and most intuitive, and with the most elegant interface." - DB, Australia

"Love your work!" - JD, Australia

"Thanks again for your helpful and kind support" - AG, Italy

"We checked out the Web for bar code software and came across your product (along with 2 or 3 others). We played with them all out and yours was the best of the bunch." - DB, Canada

"My compliments on a very professional barcode package. Of the several I have investigated, yours is the best package for our application." - WM, United States

"it works perfectly. In fact it is genius." - BR, England

"I have enjoyed the ease of use and cost effectiveness the program has saved our firm in time...Thanks for making a product that really works." - TW, Scotland

"I want to say that I have used other barcode programs in the past and yours is by far the best one." - BL, United States

"I love your programm" - MM, Switzerland

"Thought you might want to hear a thank you for software that works..every time. And a free upgrade to boot!" - TG, United States

"You've always had the easiest to use bar coding software, and now it's the best." - PM, United States

"I've been very impressed with the Scorpion barcode creator - it takes all the arcaneness out of the process of barcode creation." - CH, Thailand

"It's a very good program, and I want to do my registration." - FP, Brazil

"But in terms of simplicity, ease of use, and simply a tool that does most of the trick - I am happy with your barcode product." - TL, United States

"It is great to find out your software" - JC, Hong Kong

"In short, Scorpion is very good value compared to what else offers here. I think it's presentation and function is excellent also." - KR, New Zealand

"Very nice app from what I've seen!" - LC, United States

"Your is the best for Macintosh" - DB, Germany

"We're really happy with your software and level of support" - EC, Australia

"Really thank you for your quickly response" - CJ, Mexico

"This is very nice software, simple and efficient, and providing the invaluable feature of generating vectorized versions of the generated barcodes. Thanks a lot for this great functionality." - LS, Switzerland

"What personal service!" - MW, United States

"Your prompt attention and couteous assistance has been greatly appreciated." - KD, Australia

"I have been using Scorpion BarCode for several years now -- very happily, too." - SG, United States

"After a two hours test I decided that your software is the best solution" - FC, Italy

"We will certainly be singing your praises" - BC, Australia

"Thank you very much for such a prompt reply. And Sunday, above all!" - SK, United States

"It is so nice to know that I need somethinng like you are there to help. Great form!" - TW, Scotland

"Thanks a lot - an its free - incredible" - MM, Switzerland

"I LOVE your software I am using it for cashier scan books" - CS, United States

"We have trialed the software, and have found that for our needs, and the price, it really is the best on the market." - CK, Australia

"Thank-You so much for your insight" - JS, United States

"I downloaded Scorpion Barcode .... I love it. It is a god send." - SA, United States

"Great programme, cost me alot for barcodes in the past." - AR, Ireland

"Nice to work with an understanding company - nice barcode software too!" - LD, England

"This is a big help. Thank you very much." - HM, Canada

"BTW it's a great program!" - CP, England

"I have the demo version and love it! Now all I need is the serial number" - BT, United States

"we are very positive abt your barcode solution." - AW, Germany

"Thank you so much for your I can continue my work." - RK, United States

"I have purchased Scorpion BarCode...and am very pleased with the program" - PG, United States

"Thanks For your hard work and the osx app" - MB, South Africa

"I greatly appreciate your swift replies. This information is very helpful." - SG, United States

"Thank you very much for fast and detailed answer" - CL, Sweden

"And your software works great" - EW, United States

"fantastic product...THANK YOU!" - TD, United States

"Thanks for your superior service!" - WS, United States

"Your software does everything it says it will, very well." - SS, United States

"I love this software and so do my packaging and publishing clients!" - DC, United States

"Many thanks for this, your customer service is outstanding." - HF, England

"Thank you so much for all of your help" - BL, United States

"Thanks for your ultra fast reply!" - WD, Netherlands

"Thank you for your quick response to my problem from yesterday" - LG, United States

"We purchased your BarCode software a few years ago and love it" - BL, United States

"Thank you for your excellent service" - AM, Canada

"This product is great" - SS, United States

"Your product is awesome!" - EM, United States

"It works fantastic, thanks a lot! :)" - MK, Netherlands

"Thank you so much for your great help!" - SS, Hong Kong

"On behalf of all those who will benefit from you assistance, we would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude" - RA, United States

"I have been using your wonderful Scorpion Barcode software for a decade or more" - FB, Norway

"Thank you so much for such prompt service as always" - RN, England

"Thank you so much for your great support, appreciated" - SL, Canada

"Great software" - OS, Norway

"You customer service is second to none. Best wishes from a happy designer" - JH, England

"I've using your barcode software for many years and I'm very pleased with it and your updates" - SL, Denmark

"Thanks for your excellent service!" - MD, England

"I have been using your software for many years, it's great!" - MZ, Canada

"Wow! You people are excellent!" - CR, United States

"thanks for you super support!!!" - AA, Italy

"You totally saved me a ton of time today. Thank you so much." - BL, United States

"Thank you for the quick answer, and I'm saved." - KO, Japan

"Thank you for being so patient!" - TM, United States

"I love you guys. You've made a great product and your customer service is wonderful." - PG, United States

"Thank you for your excellent support!" - UZ, Switzerland

"What an excellent reply! You answered my question but went way beyond that. I appreciated it so much that I just bought Scorpion BarCode a few minutes ago." - RR, United States

"Brilliant! Fabulous product - and great support." - WS, United States

"Thank you SO much for your fast reply! The new code worked wonderfully! :)" - GI, United States

"Thanks very much for your light speed help!" - JP, Spain

"You're awesome! Thanks again for saving the day (and hours of manual work)!" - BL, United States

"As I've said before, your customer service is just wonderful" - PG, United States

"Thanks for your prompt response!!! You made my better!!!!" - PM, Mexico

"23 years and still very happy with Scorpion Barcode!" - RD, England

We would welcome any feedback that could help us meet or exceed your service level expectations, please contact us with your comments or suggestions!

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