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Secure Public Key Infrastructure Services

The Internet is a public environment where message traffic travels between multiple points by sending packets of data to a destination server via a network of servers. At any point along the transmission route, it is theoretically possible to intercept this information and tamper with the content or possibly forge the identity of the sender.

The commonly accepted method to prevent such tampering or forging is through secure messaging using a technology called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which works as follows:

1. PKI allows users to exchange data securely and privately through the use of a Public and Private key pairs, created by a Certificate Authority.
2. The Certificate Authority also creates a Digital Certificate, which identifies an individual or organisation and includes the Public key.
3. The Public key is designed to be widely available to anybody. The Private key is kept secret and only known and used by the person or company that requested it. It is used to decrypt messages that have been encrypted by someone else with the corresponding Public key.
4. To send an encrypted message to someone, the sender "seals" it using the freely available Public key of the recipient. The recipient then decrypts or "opens" it with the corresponding Private key.
5. The private key can also be used to encrypt a Digital Certificate to authenticate the sender to a second party. The recipient then uses the corresponding Public key to decrypt it.
6. Where the contents is not required or allowed to be encrypted, the Private key can be used by a sender to "sign" the message. The recipient uses the Public key to verify the signature thereby ensuring the message originated from the sender and not somebody impersonating the sender.

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology provides security by adding another significant obstacle by encrypting the information which is transmitted and enabling the recipient to verify the authenticity. Scorpion Research will be pleased to discuss your individual requirements and recommend how to create and maintain the Public and Private keys for your purposes.

If you are interested in using our Public Key Infrastructure services please contact Scorpion Research who can advise you how to proceed within your organisational and budgeting requirements.

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