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Internet Domain Name Registrar Terms & Conditions

Scorpion Research Ltd provides Domain Name related services under its own Services Terms & Conditions with provisions as outlined therein.

For the avoidance of doubt, the continued provision of Domain Name services by Scorpion Research Ltd shall require all parties pertaining thereto to acknowledge and adhere to the provisions stipulated by the Terms and Conditions imposed by the respective Domain Name Registrars as listed hereunder appropriate to their respective Domain Name services:

ICANN Naming Authority Logo ICANN []
Nominet UK Naming Authority Logo Nominet []

Each of the above Domain Name Registrars has a Dispute Resolution policy. It is the policy of Scorpion Research Ltd to abide by the findings of the respective Dispute Resolution service relating to a dispute over rightful registration of any Domain Name existing under the authority of the respective Domain Name Registrar. Please visit the web sites of the above Domain Name Registrars to view their prevailing respective Terms & Conditions and Dispute Resolution Policies. Scorpion Research Ltd reserves the right to suspend or terminate services where it believes in its absolute discretion that the Terms & Conditions of the respective Domain Name Registrars are not being satisfactorily upheld by all parties involved.

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