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Programming Services

Scorpion Research offers bespoke and customised software solutions to help you meet your corporate objectives.

Our initial discussions will review your current corporate practices, suggest improvements to streamline the processes within the organisation, and then seek to automate the relevant processes. By eliminating duplication or unproductive activities from within the reporting chain, formerly burdensome administrative duties can become a powerful source of business information. Accurate and punctual data enables a modern business to react faster to the needs of the organisation and thereby improve the chances of meeting or exceeding the organisational goals.

Scorpion Research specialises in providing web driven applications where possible to enable organisations to access their data using a standard web browser built into almost every computer, smartphone, and other such contemporary devices. Depending on client requirements, the software solution can be hosted in your premises or at our data centre depending on access requirements. By hosting at our data centres, the system will be available across the internet from any part of the world as long as the user has a web browser and internet access, thereby providing a multi-user multi-location solution without the deployment or maintenance overhead of a private global telecommunication network to otherwise handle the data.

Building upon established and inter-operative technologies such as standard web technologies, Scorpion Research bespoke solutions can remain functional over many years without the need for costly upgrades to client computers or the burden of proprietary packages with extensive "per seat" licensing. Consequently, deployment costs can be more manageable and project budgets show greater return.

Bespoke or custom software projects are plagued with the belief that clients are tied to the supplier, we prefer the approach where you choose to stay rather than be tied down to stay!

If you are interested in a bespoke software solution for your organisation please contact Scorpion Research who can assist in evaluating your requirements.

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