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Over the past decade, executives have witnessed an explosion of management tools and techniques being driven by both the demands of increasingly competitive global markets and the supply of ideas and information at much faster speeds and lower costs.

Keeping up with these management tools and deciding which ones to use is becoming an essential part of every executive's responsibilities. Management tools are only valuable if they increase performance. Used properly, tools are an important part of the change process to improve organisational decisions. Improved decisions lead to improved actions, enabling a business to build capabilities that serve customer needs better than the competition. Those competitive advantages can then drive improved performance and superior results.

Every tool carries a set of strengths and weaknesses. Successful usage of tools requires understanding the full effects and side effects of each tool, then creatively integrating the right ones, in the right ways, at the right times. The secret is not in discovering one magic tool, but in learning which tools to use, how, and when.

In the absence of objective data, groundless hype makes choosing and using management tools a dangerous game of chance. Our objective is to provide managers with the information they need in order to identify, select, implement, and integrate the tools that will enhance their corporate performance.

Selecting and implementing the most appropriate set of tools and techniques requires a thorough understanding of your organisation and existing methodologies. If you are interested in a selection and implementation assessment for your organisation please contact Scorpion Research who can assist in evaluating the potential benefits that may be available. We can provide services ranging from basic assessments to full implementation projects specially tailored to meet your organisational and budgeting requirements.

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