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Whilst originating as a customised payroll solution, the Scorpion PAYECalc software has evolved into a modern Human Resource financial remuneration control system. Payroll no longer consists of a "standard" paypacket and therefore many "standard" payroll packages are unable to meet the needs of a fiercely competitive employment market where remuneration can consist of salary, bonus, share options, pension schemes, medical benefits, private cars, telephones, etc, to name just a few.

Maintaining the administrative systems to record and report this information in a format compatible with corporate requirements, employee requirements, and legislative reporting requirements can often result in maintaining multiple parallel systems for each requirement. With payments made for expenses or for meeting training requirements, whether voluntary, mandatory, or legislatively required, the tax implications on employees has resulted in an increased level of reporting requirements.

Leveraging the time-proven benefit of open source tools to create the underlying "Cloud" backend technology, the bespoke modules of the Scorpion PAYECalc software offers a cost-effective method of achieving high-performance capacity within a scalable database software solution. Based on "Cloud" storage techniques, held at client locations or our data centres, opportunities exist to extend access to multi-location and mobile terminals within a securely protected system, accessible from any computer or handheld device with modern Web Browser software.

Where "standard" packages cannot meet your corporate requirements, the Scorpion PAYECalc software provides a cost effective solution comprising of the necessary tools to maintain your records whilst also interfacing into your accounting systems to meet legislative requirements. To assess how our cost effective bespoke solutions can meet your commercial requirements, please contact us with your exact requirements.

If you require technical assistance on Scorpion PAYECalc please send an eMail message to the Tech Support team.

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